Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chinkara skin found at Maharashtra minister's house
The Maharashtra transport and Adivasi Minister Dharamrao Baba could be in trouble with the police and forest department after a chinkara skin was recovered from his home.

Seven weapons and three cars have been seized so far by the forest department. The minister is alleged to be involved in hunting chinkaras in the forests bordering Baramati and Purandar Talukas in Pune district last month.

The incident was reported by the villagers after they noticed three vehicles in the dead of the night moving in the forest area.

One of the three vehicles had a red beacon. The minister denies having gone hunting but admits he crossed the area on his way to Mahableshwar.

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workhard said...

Liar, did he even have a 'look' at what he was killing. These selfish people kill these animals just for entertainment, sport and trophies.

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